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ISPA Conference & Expo sponsorships are a unique opportunity to gain targeted exposure to thousands of qualified and invested industry influencers, spa owners, operators and high-level executives looking for innovative products and services to improve and enhance their businesses. 

Below you can find the 2018 ISPA Exposure Guide which highlights a variety of ways to spotlight your brand before, during and after the upcoming ISPA Conference & Expo. Keep in mind this is just a sampling of available inventory and ISPA is always here to help create a custom branding opportunity to fit your company's unique needs. 


new for 2018 - the ispa experience center

ISPA is excited to bring a new and exciting element to the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo - the ISPA Experience Center.  ISPA is teaming up with spa industry leaders to create an interactive and engaging space for attendees to explore and experience everything spa has to offer. As a complimentary service to ISPA Conference & Expo attendees, the ISPA Experience Center will be prominently located on the first floor of the Phoenix Convention Center and will include Branded Experience Studios and Treatment Areas.

Treatment Area:

The ISPA Experience Center will have three additional rooms designated as shared treatment areas provided by four participating companies in each room. As a complimentary service to ISPA Conference & Expo attendees, treatment area participants will have the opportunity to provide services or showcase experiences to ISPA attendees in a semi-private area. Available only to participating exhibitors, this opportunity is a new, unique add-on for companies wanting to increase their brand presence.


  • Participating company will be recognized as a Treatment Area provider at the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo
  • Limited availability, up to 12 treatment areas available
  • Daily operating hours promoted by ISPA
  • Private treatment areas (10’ x 12’) within a designated room shared with three other companies
  • Investment - $3,000

Experience Studio:

The ISPA Experience Studios are private rooms designed for companies looking to create an all-encompassing brand experience within a secluded space. Sponsors have the flexibility to utilize the room in any way they choose and may conduct treatments, hold meetings or even provide education in a space that is uniquely their own. With only nine available rooms, the Experience Studio is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that gives sponsors the utmost flexibility to create a look and theme that fits their brand while highlighting their offerings in a personal, customized way.


  • Recognition as a Gold Sponsor with sponsorship benefits
  • Limited availability, up to nine rooms available
  • Branding of Experience Studio with Sponsor name, example: “Technogym Studio”
  • Opportunity to co-brand with one additional partner if involved in a joint venture
  • Flexible hours and the ability to provide treatments outside of official Conference hours
  • Ability to outfit space as desired and utilize for treatments, meetings, receptions, education, etc.
  • Two badges for brand representatives and up to six additional for therapists/service providers (if applicable)
  • Investment - $15,000

For more information about becoming a sponsor for #ISPA2018, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1.859.226.4326.