2019 ISPA Conference & Expo First-Time Attendee Tips

Before you leave:
- Download the ISPA Conference & Expo app on the mobile device you will have onsite. This will be a quick resource for all of the important information surrounding the event.
- Review the Education Sessions available; be sure to include notes on the sessions you would like to attend each day. You can also add this to your schedule on the app.
- Research the ISPA Expo floor before you travel and mark the (many) booths you don’t want to miss.
- Many Exhibitors set-up appointments to meet one-on-one with current and potential clients. When in doubt, reach out to an exhibitor to set an appointment to connect.
- Experience Center treatments fill-up fast! Take advantage of this can’t miss experience during the event.

When packing: 

- Don’t leave home without your business cards, err on the side of caution and bring more than you think you need.
- They even make card holders that will stick to your cell phone case for quick access to your room key, business cards or personal cards.
- Pack whatever you will need to ensure a restful night’s sleep during your stay- be that a special nighttime tea, a sound machine or a relaxing essential oil [to name a few.]
- At the ISPA Conference, there is no set dress code, but know that ISPA attendees are typically in professional dress throughout the week.
- Temperatures in meeting rooms can vary so be sure to bring a jacket or wrap for chillier meeting rooms.
- At the end of the week you will need extra space to bring home treasures from the week. You can either utilize the onsite shipping center in The Venetian to ship back a box home or we encourage you to pack an extra bag for your return trip home.

Once you arrive:
- Wear comfortable shoes each day. The ISPA Conference & Expo is filled with long, inspiring days that tend to move into the evening hours. Be sure you are comfortable on your feet throughout the day.
- If you have ever traveled to Las Vegas, you know the desert air is very dry. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your stay. Luckily there are many opportunities throughout the day to rehydrate.
- Nearly every part of the ISPA Conference & Expo is considered a “must attend.” However, we strongly encourage you to attend Wednesday’s opening General Session (featuring keynote speaker Susan Cain) and (immediately following) the Grand Opening of the Expo floor .
- Many of our exhibitors and sponsors are happy to email you their marketing materials to cut-down on the amount of paper distributed. You can simply make this request of them in-person at the appropriate time.
- Attendees staying in ISPA’s room block at The Venetian or The Palazzo will receive a room drop several nights. Keep in mind - if the “do not disturb” marker is set on your hotel room, you will have to retrieve your drop the following afternoon.